Sunday, November 30, 2014

Our Apple Project

We have been SO busy working hard and learning that I have been horrible about taking pictures!

BUT... I have taken some!

We finished up our apple tree life cycle project and want to share it with you! 

We worked really hard learning about the life cycle of the apple tree.  We made the different seasons of the tree in the hallway.  That way all of our friends can see and learn too!

We traced our hands to make leaves for the summer tree.

We used a water bottle and paint to make the flowers of the tree for the spring season.

We used real apples that we were investigating to make apple prints for our fall tree.

We used brown paper to make the trees and worked together to write the labels.

We did some other projects including taste testing different colors of apple and graphing our results! 

But without further ado - here's the videos we made to show you what we learned!

Our introduction...

The winter apple tree...

The spring apple tree...

The summer apple tree...

The fall apple tree...

And all about our taste test and graph!

They did a great job!