Thursday, February 26, 2015

Let It Snow

We have been busy learning about snow!  That seems pretty appropriate considering how much actual snow we've had! 

We learned about snowflakes!  We learned that snowflakes have different shapes depending on the temperature of the air but that most snowflakes have six sides.  We also learned that they are made of little crystals of ice. 

We made our own six sided snowflakes using pipe cleaners and beads!

 We also made some very special snowflakes!  We decorated snowflakes using water based markers.  Then we sprayed the snowflakes with water.  The colors then spread out and made new colors and designs!  It was really fun to see what happened to the designs we created!

 We also made a snowman!  Not just any snowman... this was a REALLY BIG SNOWMAN!  We voted on what we wanted it to look like.  Then we worked together to make all the parts!

 Then we worked together to make labels for our snowman.  We wrote all the words!  We used some sight words that we already knew and we also learned some new ones!

When we were finished, we put him together at the end of the hallway so our friends could see him!  We were pretty proud of him!  We think he looks great!

 We also made some pretend snow... that was pretty cool!  It started out as little dry pieces that looked like salt.  We added water and it puffed up into snow!

We also did an experiment!  We wanted to see what would happen to ice.  We put ice in three cups.  In one cup we just had ice.  In another cup we added sugar to the ice.  In another cup we added salt to the ice.  We made predictions about what we thought we would happen.  Then we watched....  And guess what?  The cup with the ice and salt melted first!

We haven't just learned about ice and snow!  We also learned about penguins!  Our math and literacy stations had some fun with penguins and snow, too!

 We did penguin subtraction!  We fed our penguins fish and counted how many were left!

We also read and illustrated a book about penguins!  We had to draw the correct number of fish!  This was great practice with teen numbers.  

We also used our sight word bottles.  We had to match the bottle to the right word!  Inside the bottles were letter beads and we had to unscramble the words!  

We also practiced our sight words in other ways!  We picked "snowballs" out of a bucket that had sight words written on them.  We built the world using letter beads and then wrote them on a paper.  If we had time, we rainbow wrote the words!

More sight word practice!  We graphed sight words, too!

We have had lots of fun... but we're ready to move on from snow and warm up a bit!