Friday, April 17, 2015

Science Fair Fun

We got to visit the Science Fair! 

We LOVED going from station to station and exploring all the different experiments!  We loved that we were able to TOUCH everything! 

 The tornado tubes were a huge hit!  We loved making the tornadoes!

We had a great time throwing different sized balls and see how far they went and how they came back to us.

SHADOWS!  We had fun making shadows and playing games with friends where they had to guess what object made what shadow.

 This experiment was roll or slide.  We put different objects on the board and had to decide before we let them to down the slanted board if they would roll down or slide down.  This was tricky!

One of our favorite things was mixing colors with paint!  We had fun seeing how many colors we could make in each bag!

Can you guess the smell?!?  We had to smell different containers to figure out what was inside!  There was peppermint, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, lemon, orange, and ginger!  Some of them were easy to figure out and some were really hard!

 Magnets!  This was a favorite as well!  We loved exploring with all the different kinds of magnets!

 Feely boxes!  Not everyone wanted to put their hand inside the box without looking!  And some of us cheated and took a peek!  But it was fun to explore with only our sense of touch!  We felt things that we soft, hard, scratchy, slimy, rubbery, smooth, bumpy and more! 

We also liked exploring the human body exhibit.  We got to see a model with all the different body organs.  We could take them out and put them back.  We also could do this puzzle of a skeleton and try to arrange his bones in the correct way!

We had so much fun at the Science Fair!  We wished we could do it every day!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

We celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss in lots of fun ways!

We have been doing an author study about Dr. Seuss.  We have been reading lots of his books and learning about his life.  One of the most exciting things about his books is that we learned there are MANY of his books that we can read... ALL BY OURSELVES!  This was a pretty major thing to us! 

We celebrated Dr. Seuss in Literacy Lab by reading Green Eggs and Ham, playing some games, and eating GREEN EGGS AND HAM! 

 Some of us did not want to try this... but when we realized it was green pudding and a cookie that sounded a lot better! 

We also did lots of Dr. Seuss themed centers in our classroom! 

We did subtraction with One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

 We measured different sized Cat in the Hat hats!

We cut apart different Red Fish and Blue Fish that had numbers to 110 on them.  We had to put the fish in order by tens and fives to 110.

We did addition with green eggs and ham!

 We also did a color by number Cat in the Hat and made Cat in the Hat hats and faces! 

We sure loved all the Dr. Seuss books we read!  We still have them out in the room because they are so popular!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kindergarten Cops and the Puctuation Police

Welcome to Kindergarten Cop Station!

We did a super fun lesson about punctuation that involved us becoming police officers!  Actually, we became the Punctuation Police! 

We made our own police hats and got our own "official" police badges to wear.  Dressing the part is always important!

We then worked with a partner because officers don't usually work alone.  Team work is important!  

 We each got a ticket pad.  Then we pulled sentences out of the buckets on our tables.  We had to read the sentence with our partner and determine what kind of punctuation the sentence needed.  

We had been noticing in our reading that not every sentence ended with a period.  We were curious about what those other marks were!  We read some books about other kinds of punctuation before we began this lesson.  We learned that we should use a period when we are telling something.  We should use a question mark when we are asking something.  And we should use an exclamation point when we are excited about something. 

 Once we read the sentence and decided what kind of punctuation it needed, we had to take our sentences to the Cheif!  We had to meet with either Chief Addington or Chief Gordon to figure out if what we thought was right.  Then we went back to our seats to do the paperwork!  We had to write the sentence on our ticket pad using spaces between our words and the correct punctuation at the end. 

We had a lot of fun doing this!  We did a great job reading and using different kind of punctuation!

Of course, then it was time for a break! 

What would any good cop do for a break?!? 

Eat some donuts and drink some coffee (we pretended with juice!)!


What a perfect way to end a hard day on the job!