Sunday, June 7, 2015

Field Day

Field day was SO MUCH FUN!  

We tied dyed tshirts in art class!  Each class was a different color.  I added the names once the shirts were dry!

We wore our shirts all day!  One of the first activities we did was puff ball races!  We couldn't use our hands but had to get our puff ball through the maze with only our breath!

Limbo was up next!  That was really fun! 

We played some games with hula hoops in the gym!  This one required a lot of team work to move the hoop around the circle!

This was game like musical chairs but with hoops!  We ended up with a LOT of kids in one hoop!

This was a hard game!  We had to touch toes and move a ball around the circle.  If it went between your legs, you were out!

The dance party was our favorite!  You should have seen our moves!

We were sad that the rain kept us from enjoying the outside activities but we still had a great day!

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