Monday, June 1, 2015

Career Day

Career Day was a huge success!  We had a great time! 

Career Day coincided with "Signing Day" at the high school.  On this day, students all over the district discussed plans for their future.  The Seniors "signed" to tell what was in store for them after graduation.  We got to explore different vehicles and learn from the professionals who work with them!

 We got on one of school buses!  This was especially exciting for those of us who don't ride the bus every day!  We got to ask questions and learn about driving a bus! 

 We got to visit with some of the firemen from Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  They brought a special truck that is used to clean up hazardous materials.  They explained all the different things that go on this truck.  They also showed us the special suit they have to wear when cleaning up something dangerous.  It was really big and weird looking!

Once he was in the suit, we could hardly hear him at all!

The Moraine Police came to visit us!  The brought one of their cars.  We got to climb through the car and honk the horn.  We also go to see the lights and sirens!  They were loud!!

We were surprised to learn that the back seat of a police car is hard plastic!  One of our friends said this is so "Robbers don't get comfy back there"!

The police men answered lots of our questions.  We waned to know lots of things!  We were very curious about the different things the police men wore on their belts and what they were used for!

The local fire department also visited us!  They brought an ambulance and a fire truck!

We REALLY wanted to get into the ambulance and explore!

Later that day, we wrote about what we wanted to be when we grew up.  Some of us were inspired by the people we met that morning and said they wanted to be a police officer or a fireman.  We also had people who said they wanted to be a veterinarian, librarian, party planner, nurse, teacher, soccer player, mom, doctor, dentist, and more!

These special papers were added to our files and we will get them back when we are seniors!  How fun will it be to look back so many years later?!? 

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